Walking to Cleeve Hill and Belas Knap

1 11 2018

Winchcombe is a place steeped in history.  With Sudeley Castle, St Peters Church and the remains of a huge Abbey it is possible to step back in time on ever corner! Hailes Abbey and church are a short drive away or a longer walk. But for me the place I love to walk to is Belas Knap.  It is a Neolithic Long Barrow.  This was used over 5500 years ago as a burial site and may have been used for longer.  It is hard to imagine just how long ago that was but it is a special place to visit at any time of the year.

On Monday last week, we walked up Langley Rd to Cleeve Hill.  It was a glorious, warm sunny October day.  We stopped at Cleeve Hill golf course for a drink and then walked on to Belas Knap.  Cleeve Hill is the highest point in Gloucestershire and the views can be amazing.  If you don’t want to walk, you can always catch the bus to the top and then walk back to Winchcombe.  If you walk, it’s about an 8 mile round trip and very well worth the effort.




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