Sun, showers, birds and squirrels!

25 09 2015

Over the last few weeks our guests have enjoyed a mixture of sun and showers including one day when it rained for 24 hours solid!  But there have been many sunny days as well and our guests have told us what they have enjoyed most about The Barn, Winchcombe and the Cotswolds

Hidcote Gardens and Snowshill, both National Trust properties remain popular with many people. Regular visits to the garden by a white squirrel provides interest for many as do the wide variety of bird species that visit. Last week when we were cleaning, we heard a tapping and looked out of the bedroom window to see a pair of nuthatches. One had a hazel nut from the tree, wedged in a gap between the paving so that he could crack it. Fascinating to watch.
Walking is an ever popular activity and the walks produced by Winchcombe Welcomes Walkers have proved popular. Guests are welcome to borrow the laminated copies together with maps. The walk to Hailes Abbey (stop at the Hailes Farm cafe for lunch, coffee or tea) is popular. So too is the walk back to Winchcombe from Cleeve Hill or Prestbury. Take the bus out and walk back. The views are fantastic, especially in Autumn when the air is clear. The photos below show views from Cleeve hill on a sunny September morning.